Messy Room

Diruang Runyam Ku

my whole heart is fragile, spinning and swollen, trying to make sense of the new attendance exploded in my face swelled, announce it to the world. to her. True desire of my heart burns like fire, control and destroy everything in front of him, and there’s nothing left except dust.

Every day my mind vowed to kill the flavors become cholera across the surface of the amygdala others tasting, then all eroded to ashes, only to then bounce back into the fire that haunts dreams and seductive moral consciousness until whenever will the load. Sights, sounds and smells,  forever etched in flame core, into something that is unquenchable. Heart, soul, mind, all of life’s core hold, choke; trapped by dark spines eternal unrequited emotion.

My soul became black, blue form of new ways to confuse


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